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Roller Shutter Doors - Head Room Required [Box size above the opening]
Galvanized Industrial Roller Shutter Door [Basic Terminology]
Industrial Access Doors [Wicket Gates]

The Roller Shutter Door operates vertically. The entire curtain (heavy duty barrier) rolls up around a barrel above the door. This would not be possible without the aid of a counterbalance springs.

The spring tensions as the door is rolled down, irrespective of the type of drive mechanism. When the door is closed the springs are under full tension, ready to assist and counterbalance the weight when opening.

The curtain consisting of interlocking slats secured by two vertical guides and once rolled up is housed in a continuous canopy.

The Barrel:
Consists of a horizontal steel tube and carries the weight of the door. The counterbalance springs are housed inside the barrel. The barrel is flanked by square end plates which are secured to the structure. Barrel specifications vary depending on the size of the door.

The curtain:
The curtain forms the actual screen or barrier and consists of cold rolled galvanised slats. Different thicknesses are available depending on the size of the product. From 0,8mm to 1,2mm thick.

The guide rails:
The curtain is flanked and secured by two vertical guide rails. 3mm thick cold rolled galvanised steel. The width of the product: 75mm wide, being standard. Doors wider that 5 meter would require 100mm wide guides and doors over 6 meter would require 150mm. These specifications vary depending on wind and logistical issues.

The bottom brace of the door is called the T-bar. The inverted solid 5mm thick aluminium “T” brace, interlocks with the bottom slat and lends rigidity to the curtain. The T-bar also houses the slider bolt locking system if required.

The entire barrel system is housed in a 1mm galvanised steel cover box called “the canopy”. This
product is mainly for aesthetic reasons although it does protect the curtain against minor damages and dust.

The wicket gate:
This allows access through the roller shutter door without physically opening the entire door. The standard size is 800mm wide x 1.800m high. Larger wicket gates (approximately 1.200m wide x 2.000m high) can be manufactured as well. Our Wicket Gates comply with pedestrian fire escape regulations, and can be fitted with a panic bar or lever.


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